Jun 16

Have You Tried Google Voice?

By Cale Loken | Google , Online Marketing , Startups , Technology

Is Google Voice Worth Using?

Google VoiceAre you a small business owner looking for an office number with voicemail? Or maybe you are working with a company but are often working remotely? There is a great solution for you and that is Google Voice. Google Voice is slick to set up and allows calls from a phone via an app or computer. You can customize your voicemail, including receiving them to your email. Also, you can set up your calls so you can find out who is calling prior to picking up. Another great feature is to have your calls come from one specific number so you know it’s coming in for business.

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Jun 02

Retail Ad Spending Accounts for More than 1/5 of Digital Ad Dollars

By Cale Loken | Online Marketing , Retail

Retail Ad Spending Grows in Digital Ads

“US retail industry ad spending on paid digital media will reach $12.91 billion in 2015 and grow to $19.98 billion by 2019, for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% over the 2014-to-2019 period forecast by eMarketer. Despite a gradual leveling off of spending increases, retail will remain the leader among industries when it comes to digital ad spending during this timeframe, according to a new eMarketer report, “The US Retail Industry 2015: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends,” part of our “Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks by Industry” report series.”

Retailers are investing heavily in search at $6.18 Billion this year.  Digital Video Ads are becoming a bigger part of the spend as well, with retailers investing more than $1.55 Billion, which is more than any other industry.

Traditional marketing and advertising is getting trumped by digital and the trends will continue into the future.

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May 12

Burger King Sponsors Mayweather

By Cale Loken | Online Marketing

Burger King Decides to Take a Gamble with Mayweather

Burger King Sponsors MayweatherBurger King decided to spend $1 Million dollars to sponsor Floyd Mayweather in his fight on May 2nd vs Manny Pacquiao. This is a risky proposition considering Mayweather’s issues outside of the ring. This sponsorship included the “Burger King” walking out with Mayweather’s entourage, including Justin Bieber, for the fight.

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Apr 30

$100 a Month to Spend on Social Media

By Cale Loken | Online Marketing , Social Media

Buffer’s Blog posted a great article today giving businesses ideas if their budget is only $100 a month.

100 to Spend on Social MediaI will highlight a few things to take away from it. A recent survey done by the Duke School of Business says “Results show social media spending is currently nine percent of marketing budgets and is expected to increase to more than 13 percent in the next year. In five years, marketers expect to spend more than 21 percent of their budgets on social media.”

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