Donald Trump’s Website Title Tags Constantly Changing

By Cale Loken | Online Marketing

Sep 27

Title Tags Are Changing on, Constantly

It is fairly well known that title tags on a website are extremely important, including one of the most important ranking signals on an entire website. Experts claim that title tags are about 1/5th the amount of importance on a page. Donald J Trump for President has gone most of the campaign season with the standard Make America Great Again! | Donald J Trump For President, but more recently they are trying to capitalize on events and goals.

A few days ago, the people managing changed their title tag to this:
Presidential Debate Title Tag

Then today, they went to this:
Trump Title Tag

The problem with this is that it isn’t going to do much, the website isn’t going to suddenly rank for “presidential debate” on Google because of this change. The solution should have been to create a page, with strong content on the website for these terms that are happening, which would give them the ability for the pages to rank individually for each of these searches. I’m sure the Trump digital team has some smart people and maybe there is something I’m missing, just thought this was an interesting tactic to try without creating specific pages.


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