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Feb 28

Prisma IPhone App Review

By Cale Loken | Reviews , Technology

The Prisma IPhone App is a Must Have

Prisma Iphone AppBored with Instagram filters? Prisma allows both iPhone users and Android users to create instant art with their own pictures. The buzz and fascination around this app persists because the app is very simple to use and offers an endless variety of truly unique results. Prisma features a clear and minimalistic interface, making the app easy to navigate and use. The app was created from a software house, Prisma Labs. This app goes beyond the basic color filtering and turn your photos into artistic works of modernist masters like Picasso and Van Gogh. Other filters are based on Edvard Munch’s The Scream and even Picasso. According to Prisma’s website, the uses algorithms that draw from multiple artificial neural networks that are correlated with some of the greatest artist in history. Prisma is not a replica to Instagram. It’s not just a filter that sits a layer above your image to merely alter its look. Instead of adding basic color filters, text and borders, Prisma recreates your photo with multilayered stylized versions. When you choose a Prisma style, it delivers you a new artistic image based on neural network operation that responds to your photos arrangement of pixels. The app is relatively small in size, it’s just about 14.6 MB.

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Aug 10

My Uber Experience

By Cale Loken | Startups , Technology

my uber experienceMy Uber experience is a good one, I have used Uber multiple times now, but was leery of jumping in. For me, convenience is #1, so although cost is an issue, it isn’t the top one. Like many, Uber seems to be more expensive than a taxi, but it isn’t. After jumping in, I have found that often times Uber is much cheaper than a taxi.

You can literally download the app, enter your credit card and schedule a pick up within 5 minutes. I would recommend getting a coupon code from someone as you will get your first ride free. I have used Uber to take me from my condo in Uptown to my downtown office and both ways is about half the cost of a day of parking downtown. A really nice feature I like about the app is that you can estimate the cost of your trip prior to scheduling a pick up.

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Dec 21

A Couple Great Marketing Tools

By Cale Loken | Google , Online Marketing , Technology

marketing toolsThere are several tools that are essential to being an digital marketing consultant, so I wanted to offer them here: – Majestic is a great tool to help determine how trust worthy a site is on Google. They offer Trust and Citation Flow ranking for each site based on mostly back links. Also, they categorize sites based on what type of anchor text and what type of sites are linking to a particular site. Majestic can be a great tool to find out what sites your competitors linked to, to find back linking opportunities. Plan I use is the lowest plan which is $149 for 3 months.

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Jun 16

Have You Tried Google Voice?

By Cale Loken | Google , Online Marketing , Startups , Technology

Is Google Voice Worth Using?

Google VoiceAre you a small business owner looking for an office number with voicemail? Or maybe you are working with a company but are often working remotely? There is a great solution for you and that is Google Voice. Google Voice is slick to set up and allows calls from a phone via an app or computer. You can customize your voicemail, including receiving them to your email. Also, you can set up your calls so you can find out who is calling prior to picking up. Another great feature is to have your calls come from one specific number so you know it’s coming in for business.

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