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Dec 15

Google AMP Project

By Cale Loken | Google

Learn More About Google AMP

Google Mobile SearchEarlier this year Google announced the rollout of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This new project is going to have a long-term impact for search marketers and content publishers. AMP is helping websites load faster on mobile devices. The new speed is going to change a few things about how the open web works. Google has created its own version of HTML, the code that is the backbone of the web. AMP was created to help streamline mobile webpages using a common library of code. Googles data shows that users abandon websites just after three seconds if the content hasn’t loaded quickly enough; which is not just a problem for mobile user, but also for publishers who want readers to enjoy their content.

In just a short few months, Google has gotten hundreds of publishers, technology companies and even ad-tech businesses taking part in the AMP project. Webpages using AMP will load on average four times faster and use 10 times less data compared to non-AMP sites according to Google, in many cases they will even load instantly! Google says it’s seen success already. In test such as Pinterest, they found that AMP pages’ load 4 times faster. Another feature that makes AMP great, is the ability for users to swipe quickly through the search results with the ability flip from one full-page AMP story to the next. “We see this trend around people consuming content in distributed ways,” says Google’s Rudy Galfi, the AMP product manager. “People aren’t coming in through the homepage as much as they’re coming in through social media apps, like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or they’re coming in through something like Google. “The way we thought about building AMP is also how can we help publishers thrive in this environment?”

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Dec 21

A Couple Great Marketing Tools

By Cale Loken | Google , Online Marketing , Technology

marketing toolsThere are several tools that are essential to being an digital marketing consultant, so I wanted to offer them here: – Majestic is a great tool to help determine how trust worthy a site is on Google. They offer Trust and Citation Flow ranking for each site based on mostly back links. Also, they categorize sites based on what type of anchor text and what type of sites are linking to a particular site. Majestic can be a great tool to find out what sites your competitors linked to, to find back linking opportunities. Plan I use is the lowest plan which is $149 for 3 months.

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Jun 16

Have You Tried Google Voice?

By Cale Loken | Google , Online Marketing , Startups , Technology

Is Google Voice Worth Using?

Google VoiceAre you a small business owner looking for an office number with voicemail? Or maybe you are working with a company but are often working remotely? There is a great solution for you and that is Google Voice. Google Voice is slick to set up and allows calls from a phone via an app or computer. You can customize your voicemail, including receiving them to your email. Also, you can set up your calls so you can find out who is calling prior to picking up. Another great feature is to have your calls come from one specific number so you know it’s coming in for business.

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