The online world is a large place with many paths that lead in different directions. Trying to put everything together is difficult for almost any business as they are always looking to gain more traffic, more fans and ultimately more customers. I have spent the past 10 years learning and implementing digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. I worked with a team that built a start-up that went from zero to six figure monthly traffic by implementing different online marketing strategies. The knowledge I gained from my start-up and from learning almost every online marketing tactic by trial and error has allowed me to build my consulting career in helping businesses succeed online.

The 301 Madison Marketing Blog was created to allow me to write freely about a range of topics including Technology, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Startups, Sales, Retail and more. My experience includes Online Marketing, Advertising, Technology, Retail,​

Services I offer:
– Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Strategy
– Organic, Local and Paid Search
– Website Architecture/URL Planning
– Website Development
– Conversion Opimization
– Blog Strategy Including Content Creation
– Social Media Management
– Social Media Paid Advertising (Mainly LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)
– Marketing Automation
– Lead Generation
– Analytics & Reporting

Sales and Start ups. I have managed PPC campaigns, SEO, SEM and Social Media for Law Firms, Telecoms, Consumer Internet businesses and many more.

The companies I generally work with have 10 to 500 employees and have yearly revenues of $3M+

I live and work in Minneapolis and my hobbies include Real Estate, Baseball, Sports in General, Movies and Traveling. Check out my agency website at 301Consulting.com.

Send me a note anytime, about anything.

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Cale Loken