Apr 08

Where to Find Super Bowl LLI 2018 Rentals in Minneapolis

By Cale Loken | Uncategorized

Super Bowl Rentals are Starting to Pop Up

Sunday, February 4th, 2018 Super Bowl LII will be held at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN.  The city and state is excited to host the Super Bowl.  It should be a great revenue generator for the city and surrounding areas.  

​Minneapolis activities will center downtown at the convention center and Nicollet Mall, which is being renovated for overhead heating. There will be an interactive football bazaar where NFL players sign autographs, playgrounds for kids to kick field goals, and stages for concerts and ESPN broadcasts. Minnesota organizers “will have a unique, ‘Bold North’ version of these entertainment options in 2018,” the committee said in a statement.  The Mall of America is expected to host the media party at Nickelodeon Universe. St. Paul will incorporate Super Bowl activities into the annual Winter Carnival, which will conclude on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Xcel Energy Center is a candidate to host the Monday Opening Night Party and Media Day.  It is the one day players from both Super Bowl teams are available for interviews.

Organizers expect the 41,000 hotel rooms in the Twin Cities metro to be booked during the 10 days. Local and regional visitors generally drive early attendance. More than 125,000 visitors are expected to arrive in the days leading up to the game.  

Not only is the Super Bowl great for businesses in the twin cities, but some property owners are looking to cash in.  They are looking to take advantage of the Super Bowl being in town by renting out their main residences.  Ads are starting to pop up on AirBnb, VRBO, Craigslist and more.  Some are creating websites to help attract renters, including this Super Bowl Rental in Minneapolis.  Obviously location and size will be the key components for determining the pricing.  I've seen private studios going for $300 a night to larger houses that are looking for $10,000 a night.  

I would bet that places will go fast, so if you are looking to rent something, pull the trigger as soon as you find something that will work.

Feb 28

Prisma IPhone App Review

By Cale Loken | Reviews , Technology

The Prisma IPhone App is a Must Have

Prisma Iphone AppBored with Instagram filters? Prisma allows both iPhone users and Android users to create instant art with their own pictures. The buzz and fascination around this app persists because the app is very simple to use and offers an endless variety of truly unique results. Prisma features a clear and minimalistic interface, making the app easy to navigate and use. The app was created from a software house, Prisma Labs. This app goes beyond the basic color filtering and turn your photos into artistic works of modernist masters like Picasso and Van Gogh. Other filters are based on Edvard Munch’s The Scream and even Picasso. According to Prisma’s website, the uses algorithms that draw from multiple artificial neural networks that are correlated with some of the greatest artist in history. Prisma is not a replica to Instagram. It’s not just a filter that sits a layer above your image to merely alter its look. Instead of adding basic color filters, text and borders, Prisma recreates your photo with multilayered stylized versions. When you choose a Prisma style, it delivers you a new artistic image based on neural network operation that responds to your photos arrangement of pixels. The app is relatively small in size, it’s just about 14.6 MB.

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Dec 15

Google AMP Project

By Cale Loken | Google

Learn More About Google AMP

Google Mobile SearchEarlier this year Google announced the rollout of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This new project is going to have a long-term impact for search marketers and content publishers. AMP is helping websites load faster on mobile devices. The new speed is going to change a few things about how the open web works. Google has created its own version of HTML, the code that is the backbone of the web. AMP was created to help streamline mobile webpages using a common library of code. Googles data shows that users abandon websites just after three seconds if the content hasn’t loaded quickly enough; which is not just a problem for mobile user, but also for publishers who want readers to enjoy their content.

In just a short few months, Google has gotten hundreds of publishers, technology companies and even ad-tech businesses taking part in the AMP project. Webpages using AMP will load on average four times faster and use 10 times less data compared to non-AMP sites according to Google, in many cases they will even load instantly! Google says it’s seen success already. In test such as Pinterest, they found that AMP pages’ load 4 times faster. Another feature that makes AMP great, is the ability for users to swipe quickly through the search results with the ability flip from one full-page AMP story to the next. “We see this trend around people consuming content in distributed ways,” says Google’s Rudy Galfi, the AMP product manager. “People aren’t coming in through the homepage as much as they’re coming in through social media apps, like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or they’re coming in through something like Google. “The way we thought about building AMP is also how can we help publishers thrive in this environment?”

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Dec 03

A Review of Constant Contact

By Cale Loken | Online Marketing , Reviews

A Full Review of Constant Contact

Review of Constant Contact Email MarketingConstant contact is a user-friendly software that allows users to create diverse user templates. With hundreds of templates to choose from you don’t have to spend time designing emails from scratch. If you’re new to the services offered in email marketing, Constant Contact offers personal coaching so you can learn how to market effectively.

The Good

Contact Management

Constant Contact offers tools to make it easy for you to stay in touch with your subscribers. Constant Contact is a perfect choice for email marketing and businesses that already have a large contact list. There are multiple methods to uploading contacts. You can upload a spreadsheet or text file. You can import contacts from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. If you’re already using an online customer management service, Constant Contact provides you tools to export your contacts into a single list. You also have the option to enter your contacts in manually. Overall Constant Contact makes it easy to get your customer data lists into the system so you can start on your first campaign. Constant Contact allows users to schedule emails and newsletters to your readers as they sign up and after subsequent actions such as on certain dates or a subscriber’s birthday. You can monitor how your recipients are handling your emails through reports that show whether an email was open, bounced, or even forwarded.

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Sep 27

Donald Trump’s Website Title Tags Constantly Changing

By Cale Loken | Online Marketing

Title Tags Are Changing on DonaldJTrump.com, Constantly

It is fairly well known that title tags on a website are extremely important, including one of the most important ranking signals on an entire website. Experts claim that title tags are about 1/5th the amount of importance on a page. Donald J Trump for President has gone most of the campaign season with the standard Make America Great Again! | Donald J Trump For President, but more recently they are trying to capitalize on events and goals.

A few days ago, the people managing DonaldJTrump.com changed their title tag to this:
Presidential Debate Title Tag

Then today, they went to this:
Trump Title Tag

The problem with this is that it isn’t going to do much, the website isn’t going to suddenly rank for “presidential debate” on Google because of this change. The solution should have been to create a page, with strong content on the website for these terms that are happening, which would give them the ability for the pages to rank individually for each of these searches. I’m sure the Trump digital team has some smart people and maybe there is something I’m missing, just thought this was an interesting tactic to try without creating specific pages.

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